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DrMe - A healthcare app that cares about you

In today's busy and chaotic world, your workload has probably doubled. You don't have time to socialize, hit the gym or even go to the doctor if you are unwell. While socializing and exercising can be put off for a while, postposing the doctor's visit may not be wise. Something that could have been nipped in the bud may turn serious. So what does one do when fighting deadlines as well as ill health? Should you just pop pills and continue your day, trusting that the pills will magically cure you from your illness? Or should you try to see a doctor hoping they will squeeze you in for a last minute appointment?

If you have been or are struggling in this situation, don't despair. Thanks to innovation and technology you now have the doctors in the palm of your hand, courtesy telehealth apps. These healthcare apps have been designed to make your doctor's visit more convenient and affordable. Enjoy services like instant prescriptions - as soon as you finish consulting with the doctor, your pharmacy will receive your prescription which you can collect anytime. Specialist referrals - all the healthcare professionals are well connected, so even if your medical issue doesn't fall in your physician's expertise, they will refer you to a specialist. Pathology and radiology referrals and medical certificates. Telehealth apps like DrMe feature doctors from across the country and from various specializations. Dr Me allows you to message the physician or have a video consultation. Once you connect with a doctor through Dr Me, your doctor will explain your condition to you as well as provide you with a number of treatment options. To make the best of your virtual consultation, we recommend that you prepare for your virtual visit. Pen your history down and be ready for the doctor's questions. Few advantages of DrMe is that if you feel comfortable with the physician, you can then choose to meet him for follow up care or you can get a second and even a third opinion from other physicians in the Dr Me network.

This amazing telehealth app allows you to choose the venue you want to be treated in as well as a time convenient for you to consult with the doctor. Thanks to DoctorMe, you no longer have to spend sleepless nights wondering about the mysterious ailment that has been plaguing you as now you can have instant access to the medical advice.

What makes Doctor Me a great app is that it values your privacy. Your personal details are protected and kept only for our reference.

So if you are looking for a stress free way to get medical advice then you should check out this cool app. It will help you save time, You can be privy to the medical opinions without leaving your house. Whether you are at home, or traveling out of the county on business or pleasure, you can have access to your doctor back home for a quick virtual consultation. To find out more about the Dr Me app and its amazing features and benefits log into