Water Infrastructure Group’s Virginia Pipeline Scheme in Adelaide South Australia has been supplying Class A recycled water since October 1999 and was Australia’s first major water recycling scheme to irrigate over 20 different crops, including many fresh vegetables.

Today, the scheme remains Australia’s, and one of the world's, largest high-quality water recycling initiatives of its kind and has helped pave the way for growing food crops with recycled water around the world.

In the first 10 years of operations, the scheme provided farmers with over 100GL of Class A recycled water during a period which has been one of the driest on record in some parts of Australia. It has been estimated that this recycled water has delivered a $1 billion benefit to the district.

The success of the Virginia Pipeline is invariably linked to the cooperative nature of the scheme, a public-private partnership between the Virginia Irrigation Association (representing market gardeners and other irrigators), SA Water and Water Infrastructure Group, the owner and operator of the scheme.



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